Its not everyday you decide to build a home. Then you start looking at whole bunch of different homes to buy? While walking through each house everything starts adding up… the fixes;(Kitchen and bathrooms) the gutting, and more expenses. I found myself thinking what were they thinking when they built this home?? Which is why we decided to build a home.. We did some research and found Miles.. We met with him at a model home.. Which then led to the next meeting in starting to prepare to look at model homes. The whole time we were very uncertain and afraid of the process of building, reading all the fine print.. Miles made the process very easy.. Brenda and Connie were there to help as well more so in the beginning to button up all the details tile, wood, kitchen etc. Each time we placed the call for questions Everyone had always returned the call with in the same day. Each time I spoke with anyone I was always helped to great satisfaction. We then picked a model which he had built and did a walk through while the homeowner was there. I asked her many questions and had lots of relief it wasn’t as difficult as I thought.
We decided to go with Miles because there was no missing small fine print. Then we started the building process and he walked us through the process each day. My husband showed up at the house everyday and talked with Miles if he was there. Whomever the contractor was working there My husband Frank would always ask about Miles and how long they worked with Miles, everyone we spoke with had nothing but good remarks. Most of the contractors who came to the house had a clear punch list everyday. All of them were very professional. It was so nice to show up everyday and see all the progress. Most of the time we would see Miles in the morning and evening.. We had every assurance building our house with Miles was the best decision we had made. We found the person who would stand by their work and look over each punch list each day to be consist. Every night he would come by to check onto the progress and he would find things that were missed and make sure they were completed. All of the details of the house were in order. There were a lot of extras and of course I would pin things on pinterest. Each time I brought things to his attention or had changes to make there was never a time he made me feel like I was ignored or that it was impossible. He always took the time to thoroughly explain things to keep us on the same page. This continued till the very end. When it came time to the 1 year walk through he was here still to stand by his work and there wasn’t much to fix other than a couple of nail pops from our house settling. Its not everyday you find someone who will stand by their work show up everyday and give 100 percent. We have now been living in our house 2 years I can still call him at any time. He still answers and is still there for any questions I have to bug him with. Building the house we chose not finish the basement so he stopped by in his free time to look over things and help again to give input and suggestions along with referrals of contractors to use. Like I said the beginning its not everyday you decide to build a house.. But I’m so happy I found the right person who showed everyday to build the house of my dreams. I wholeheartedly recommend benchmark homes to anyone who choses to build a house..After all of its done you want someone who will still be there for your family without all the fine print. Thank you so much for being so reliable.
Frank Simpson & Lisa Simpson


During the initial walk-around, Benchmark spent the most time at my house, asked the most questions, did the most listening, and made the most notes. Benchmark’s proposal was by far the most detailed and extensive. I knew exactly what was going to be done to the house and what it involved. The work Benchmark did on my house exceeded my expectations in just about every way. They didn’t just do what was required, they did an excellent job and also took care of minor details I for to ask for, or didn’t know to ask. Benchmark will be my first choice for future projects.
Thomas K.


Miles is a cut above all other home builders or remodelers I have ever met. He built our home 10 years ago, and he still maintains contact and provides references and customer service. The “Benchmark Difference” is really true. I have referred him to friends that hired him to build their home. Our house was built on time, on budget, and with excellence. I cannot believe the differences to other homes built in our subdivision by other builders. He will build my next home. Thanks Miles!
Jay Pistana


We would like to express our gratitude for making the building of our home such a wonderful experience. We are very grateful for your conscientious and honest ethics in the building of your homes. Although you had never built this model before, after seeing the quality of your homes and hearing the praise and satisfaction from your home owners, we put our trust in you.

Not only were we not disappointed, our home has far exceeded our expectations. Your attention to detail, which was voluntarily conveyed to us by the tradesmen, continued to instill our trust and confidence.

We also appreciate the expeditious manner in which all our questions were handled during the building of our home and after. The direct contact we had with you, plus your desire to make sure we are satisfied, has been like a friend building our home.

We are extremely happy to be a part of the Benchmark Family! We would highly recommend you to others!

Thank you Miles for your expertise and help through the entire process and for building our beautiful home.

Mr and Mrs Jones


Miles has been a totally “hands on” builder who is always just a phone call away. He was very helpful with answering our questions or concerns we had.

We did not experience building our home from the beginning because it was a “spec home.” We’re aware that there are advantages and disadvantages to not going through the complete building process.

Although there are a few things we would have done differently, all of the upgrades Miles had incorporated into our home outweighs them significantly. The quality of the woodwork/moldings, ceramic tile, granite and our lighting fixtures are wonderful too! He is not just our builder, he is also our friend.

Mrs. Quinn


Benchmark Homes, Inc. was an excellent choice in building our home. Miles Volpe, Owner, takes great pride in delivering the best quality home possible.

Any issues or problems during the building process were resolved quickly and with no questions asked. Many problems were spotted by the builder before we even talked to him and fixed within a day or two.

Benchmark Homes, Inc. and in particular Miles Volpe, will definitely be recommended by us at every possible situation.

Mr. & Mrs. Monagle


In 2001, we decided to sell our “retirement” condo, and build our dream house. Where do you begin? Friends thought we were crazy to even think of building a house. They predicted problems, late schedules and shoddy workmanship.

Enter Miles Volpe. From the first time we met Miles, we knew he would be the one to build our home. The building process was delightful from start to finish. Miles oversaw each detail to our satisfaction. Things were completed on time and with outstanding craftsmanship.

This is the fourth new construction we have experienced, and has been the best overall.

Miles is a person of honesty and integrity, and we have no hesitancy in recommending him as a more than competent builder.

Mr. & Mrs. Rowe

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